An Analytical Study of Lesley Hazleton's Book “The First Muslim: Story of Muhammad.”


  • Bilqees Faiz Ph.D Scholar, Islamia University Bahawalpur.
  • Dr. Sumera Safder Lecturer, Islamic Studies, The Women University Multan.
  • Dr. Muhammad Zahid Zaheer Iqbal Lecturer, Department of Hadith, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.


Lesley Hazleton, Muhammad, Orientalism, Biography, Historical Analysis, Muslim


The blessed life of the Holy Prophet has provided guidance for every aspect of the life of the Muslim community. One of these aspects is cultural and civilizational. Compared to all the civilizations and cultures of the world, the culture and civilization of Islam are completely unique and possess distinctive characteristics. The fundamental reason for this is the principles and ideologies that the Holy Prophet imparted to the Muslim Ummah through his exemplary conduct. In all dimensions of culture, we receive comprehensive guidance from his exemplary conduct, which simultaneously encompasses theoretical, intellectual, and practical aspects. Such comprehensiveness is not found in any other civilization or culture in the world. Despite all their prejudices against Islam and the Prophet of Islam,Western thinkers have not been able to deny the grandeur of Islamic civilization and culture.They have had to openly acknowledge that Muslims not only enriched Europe with the wealth of cultural refinement but also laid the foundations for the development of character and personality. They illuminated the culturally darkened Europe with the light of culture, instilled in the descendants of Adam the consciousness of human dignity and respect in place of the law of the jungle, and thus paved the path for the establishment of those civilized societies on this earth which are still the crowning glory of history. This analytical study delves into Lesley Hazleton's book, "The First Muslim: Story of Muhammad," offering a comprehensive examination of its narrative, historical context, and scholarly contributions. Hazleton's biography of Muhammad ﷺpresents a detailed and nuanced account of his life, emphasizing the socio-political dynamics of 7th-century Arabia and the foundational moments of Islam. This study critically evaluates Hazleton's methodology, including her use of primary sources, narrative techniques, and historical interpretations. This analysis contributes to the broader discourse on biographical literature and historiography in the context of religious studies. 




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