Contemporary Problems of Iranian Modernization


  • Dr. Hedayat Eydi Tarakameh Ph.D in sociology, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey


Iran, Modernization, the Qajar government, Pahlavi government, Islamic Republic.


As a theoretical approach, this study sought to consider general modernization in contemporary society within a sociological framework. As a result, in its contemporary period, modernization was studied in three different government systems. From the Qajarian period at the beginning of modernization to the recent Islamic republic government, there have been two opposing groups of agreement and disagreement on modernization. As a result of the fighting among agreement groups about modernization, the Constitutional Revolution eventually emerged. As a result of fighting different groups over modernization, we get the Islamic Revolution. These interpret the modernization currently going on in Iranian society. As an important result, according to Iranian social science researchers, modernization emerged in western societies and was related to them. Generally, Eastern societies, specifically Iranian society, have undergone one modernization; these societies, regarding this basic non-western society, could be modernized anywhere in the world.

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Dr. Hedayat Eydi Tarakameh, Ph.D in sociology, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey






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