Qualities of a Teacher in the light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


  • Atta Ur Rahman First Author
  • Dr. Muhammad Zakariya


Qualities, Teacher, Development, Teachings, Prophet Muhammad


  The main aim of this research manuscript is to explore the qualities of a teacher because a teacher is the person who transforms the new generation into good human beings. Every nation must whole heartedly focus and invest on the grooming of their next generation if that nation aspires to develop in every field of life by leaps and bounds. This can be done if education is prioritized by the state by investing in the teachers and system of education nurturing their young lot. A teacher must possess outstanding qualities of the head and heart and should also inculcate sublime qualities among their pupils so that their nation and country would progress tremendously as the Prophet (PBUH) was a great teacher of all times because he had superb qualities as a teacher and is a model of excellence for all human beings in every field of life. Thus he transformed his followers into global leaders by inculcating outstanding qualities among them. Consequently, they also became great leaders of the future world. So, teachers can learn the excellent qualities of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a teacher in the modern world so that they may not only engage their students in a meaningful way but also make their classroom an interesting, enjoyable and effective place. The next generation is groomed and trained for their future and its challenges.




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