The اسلام کا تصور ِ فلاح اور اس کی نوعیت و اہمیت

The Concept of Welfare in Islam and its Nature and Importance


  • Dr.Muhammad saleem Associate professor.
  • Dr.Makhdoom Muhammad roshan siddiqui Associate professor.
  • Dr.Hariz Muhammad Khalid Shafi Assistant professor IBA University Sukkur


Islam provides comprehensive guidance for the success of individuals as well as Muslim Ummah. Falah (success) is a key concept in Islam. This paper explains that falah has a comprehensive character. This is a multi-dimensional and value-oriented activity. It covers all aspects of human life. From Islamic point of view falah is a both-worldly concept. In this paper, it is tried to explore implications of falah in the context of this worldly life. It is concluded that ideal of falah can be achieved with collective effort. This is an analytical study which explores the Qur’anic and Hadith teachings to devlop success for human here and hereafter. For this purpose data is gathered from secondary sources; books, article and online sources. The status of neighborly rights in Islamic society is not only limited to moral rights but also includes financial rights. This chain makes the wealthy of a town, city or region responsible for sponsoring the needy while expanding the neighborhood to spread the circle of sponsorship in a coordinated manner. The welfare teachings of Islam are not left only to the mercy of individual and collective conscience, but the Islamic government is responsible for their implementation. Therefore, their implementation was made possible during the era of the Prophet and the Caliphs. Being the goal is also the main goal of the Islamic state. This is the reason why there is a consensus among Muslim jurists about the welfare nature of the Islamic state. The role of government is very necessary in promoting falah of the people.

Author Biographies

Dr.Muhammad saleem, Associate professor.

Dr. Muhammad Saleem
Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies,
Government Emerson College, Multan
Contact no : 03457230479

Dr.Makhdoom Muhammad roshan siddiqui, Associate professor.


Dr.Makhdoom Muhammad Roshan Siddiqui
Associate Professor GC University of Hyderabad
Contact No : 03003075325




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